How to ease the itch of a mosquito bite

Hives mosquitoe bites

Recently, the air is so bad in Singapore cos of haze (ahem) caused by all the burning of the plants… Anyhow… I have been suffering. Not only my face has been itching, my legs and arms have been having the bumps that I scratched till there were marks left all over. I can’t even decide it was hives or caused by the kamikaze mosquitoes.

Aloe Vera Gel

Anyway, do you know that Aloe Vera helps with easing the itchiness? I have tried it and IT WORKS! I just had another attack of hives or multiple mosquito bites and I tried applying this aloe vera gel and it worked again. I am so amazed by it so much so that I wanted to blog about it. Ha!

And by the way, do you know that aloe vera gel could also be use as a transparent brow gel to tame your brows? Read that in a blog (but forgot which one. Sorry.) that you can even mix a little of the brow powder in a little aloe vera to have tinted brow gel. I haven’t tried that though…

I am going to try to apply aloe vera to the pimples that have surfaced cos of the bad air. Hopefully, it helps to kill all the bacteria on those spots and bring healing. I think I will like it a lot since aloe is not oily and so it’s good for those with oily complexion. *thumbs-up*


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