Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Too Faced-2

Too Faced Eye Insurance is one of the popular eye shadow primers around. It was the first eye shadow primer that I had bought and I was very happy with it. Of course, I have along the way used other eye primers and I am back to buying this one cos I kinda miss it. Ok. Back to my review.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

When applied, the shadow insurance is nude and so won’t have to worry about the colour on the eyelids. The amount I squeezed out in the pic above was too much for my eyelids.

This eye makeup primer is rather watery or oily. Strangely, my previous tube wasn’t as oily. There was probably an adjustment to the formula of the product. Anyway, I kinda like that the texture is watery or oily as it is much easier to apply and I don’t have to tug my eyelids when applying it. I believe it has to do with the amount of oil in the tube and I have to shake the tube before I squeeze out the product. The first time I squeezed the product out it was rather messy cos of the excessive oil in the tube. After a few use, the mixture was more or less good.

Too Faced-3

However, I feel that the Too Faced Eye Insurance’s performance to be inconsistent. This is an anti-crease eye shadow primer but my eye makeup creased earlier than I expected but then there were times that it held up quite well for 10 hours. So I am kinda “confused” on whether it is working well or not. Haha. I don’t think that this eye shadow primer holds the eye shadows for 24 hours.

For the time being, I am rather happy with this eye shadow primer for the fact that I didn’t have to pull my eyelids when I apply the product. Hope you have a beautiful week with zero eye makeup smudges!



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