Trying to be organized


Recently, I came across a blog, I Heart Organizing, and was so inspired on getting organized. Even though I have not started on organizing my stuff at home, I decided to get a notebook and start getting organized in my blogging. I have been whining for a long time that I have so much to blog about but so lazy to get down to it. So first thing I did was to buy a weekly planner and put down my goals by days. I feel so “pro” just by doing that alone. Haha.

So far so good. I have been keeping to the plans with some amendments along the way. But I’m sure glad that I am getting the posts going…


Saw some posts on Spring colours for nails and decided to just paint my nails mint (or some may content that it’s more blue than mint) as well. I added the yellow dots to give a more funky look. I am in no way an expert in painting my own nails but I am trying to get there. The whole painting feat took 2 hours! It isn’t easy to get the China Glaze mint nail polish on evenly without all the streaks. It took what seems like forever to dry! That’s probably due to the thick coat I had to put to ensure it didn’t look streaky. O well… O maybe it’s just the skill part. I hope I will get better with more practice. 🙂

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