Covermark Moisture Clear Base & Flawless Fit Foundation



Over last 2 months, I received products from Covermark in my Bellabox and so I guess I should try them and do a review. Frankly, I am not very excited over it cos I had used Covermark foundation long ago and it clogged my pores badly. I must be so confident about my skin recently that I gladly took the challenge to try it.


First up, let’s talk about the Covermark Moisture Clear Base. The sample came in sachets which are rather annoying to me cos each sachet usually contain product for more than one use. Not so hygienic and not easy to store remaining product properly for the next few subsequent uses. However, the normal size product is a 25g tube that costs $60.


The Moisture Clear Base appears to be a light beige colour and when applied, it is a light, almost clear base. If you use a thicker layer, there will definitely be a white cast on your face. Texture is like a lotion that sets rather quickly and smooth. It has a pleasant light scent which I quite like.


Next is the Flawless Fit Foundation. It comes in a cake form but is quite creamy. I don’t like this foundation at all. It looks rather cakey and patchy. It might be due to the fact that I am not used to applying a 2-way cake  and thus did a lousy job using this. And this guy costs $80 for a 8g refill!! *gulp*


This is how the Covermark Flawless Fit look on my hand. Looks quite good when applied on my hand.


But after I applied it on my face, the foundation looks blotchy. The pores were so so obvious and oily and patchy and whatever. I looked rather messed up after the application of the foundation. Quite sad that I had to rush out and had no time to re-do my makeup. :S This is probably not suitable for oily skin. But the coverage is quite good.

Personally, I won’t purchase Covermark Flawless Fit cos it just doesn’t fit my skin type. I quite like the Covermark Moisture Clear Base but it is just a little too expensive to spend on a base.


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