The Truth About Your OJ!

Did you know that??? I thought this is very important and thus I am re-posting this!

By the way, I have shifted to




How are you today?

How did you start your morning? I used to start my morning with a fresh glass of orange juice, a stretch, a yawn and a new resolve…

That was until I found out that the wholesome orange goodness that I thought I was imbibing was perhaps not as wholesome and authentic as I thought.

The Myth

When I think of fresh orange juice, l have an image of countless fields of oranges on trees and a happy brown person with broken teeth and a worn out sun hat smiling warmly at the camera as he drops another zesty fresh orange into his full basket.

I have this image because that was what was sold to me since I was a nipper. The truth however is somewhat different. The little brown man and his plump happy wife do not spend all day squeezing juice just so that…

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