My Skin History

I started breaking out very badly when I was 17 and I blamed it on a cleansing product that my sister bought and shared with me. Cos ever since, my skin was never clear and I had very bad hyperpigmentation with each acne and even scarrings (like dipped mark). I did not seek much medical help cos I had the misconception that seeing a doctor and taking medication to control those outbreaks will cost A BOMB, which in fact was actually cheaper compared to all the money I had wasted spent in facials and facial products that did not work…

Anyhow, I was young and wasn’t really bothered by it, after all my youth had a lot more than just about my face. But I sort of regretted it as I grew older. I could have looked better or at least not allowed my skin to look that bad… I only came to my senses only about 16 years after my first outbreak. Can you beat that? But boy, am I glad that my brain started thinking properly then. Better late than never…

Besides relying on medication to clear my skin, I also did AHA peel at the same clinic which helped to reduce the redness of hyperpigmentation on my skin. It really helped a lot. I wish I could find the photo of my hideous look with those hyperpigmentations.  After I completed the AHA peels and medication, I found Benzoyl Peroxide! It totally cleared my skin without further acne outbreaks thereafter. I also became more knowledgeable on the kind of ingredients in a product are acne-causing for my skin type. Thanks to! You may want to view this video for a testimonial on how’s skin regimen really helped MANY people with acne problems to clear up. You can read my post on my skin here.

Summary of my skin
Skin type: Combination to Oily (not extremely oily especially after giving birth).
Pigmentation: Lots of hyperpigmentation on the cheeks due to previous acnes.
Pores: Visible open pores. (Gradually seems better nowadays after my skin cleared by using 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide).
Skin Color: Yellow skin. Fair. MAC NC30.
Eye Bags/Dark Eye Circle: None. (Recently, struggles a little with dark eye circle due to disturbed sleep during pregnancy and after giving birth).
Wrinkles: Slight lines forming cos of the disturb sleep every night.

Venus Von 4 (Size 5)


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